Cozy apartment in the most famous ski resort in Poiana Brasov,Transylvania, Romania!

Renting this apartment has the advantage that it pays the entire apartment/night, not per room/night/person.

The apartment can comfortably accommodate 4 persons in studio style,
2 people with a sofa, and other 2 in the double bed if u are 6 and
students or young people eager for fun and do not necessarily want
privacy, we can bring two mattresses that you install in the living
room, so you can sleep together6 people in the apartment.

The Eol777 ski apartament is in Poiana Brasov, 5 min away from the
ski slope, 3 m from the Hotel “Mirage” (the center), 3 min m from
Hotel-Restaurant “Dracula” and 150 m from Hotel “Ruia”. “Coliba
Haiducilor”, “Șura Dacilor”, “La stână” are just some of the rustic
romanian restaurants, with traditional recipes, that you find nearby,
less than 500 meters.

“Citadel of Brasov”, dating from 1395, built at the urging of King
Sigismund of Luxembourg, was the strongest fortress in Transylvania;
“Rope Street”, the narrowest in Europe; “Black Church” (phone number
hidden) of the most impressive monuments of Gothic art in Romania;
“Feldioara Citadel” – 21 miles north of Brasov, built by the Teutonic
Knights between 1211 and 1225 (fortress Marienburg); “Peasant fortress
Rasnov” (XV) – 19 km from Brasov; “Bran Castle” – 29 km from Brasov –
that bind the myth of “Dracula” and Bram Stoker. Today is famous for
romanian ruler Vlad Tepes, nicknamed “Devil” because of its membership
of the Dragon Knights. “Bran Castle” is a majestic building with
underground tunnels and shelters many, the secret entrances, fountains
carved in stone”Sighisoara Citadel” is part of the UNESCO World Heritage
Site,and the only one in Europe actualy people living in, is 110 km
north of Brasov. It is considered to be the most beautiful inhabited
fortress in Europe and the most beautiful and complete medieval
architecture in Romania. It hosts the annual Festival of medieval art.
In Sighisoara Citadel must visit: “Clock Tower” – Monument
representative city and symbol of the city; “House of Vlad Dracul” – the
oldest stone building in the city, where he lived between (phone number
hidden) Prince Vlad Dracul, father of Vlad Tepes; “Stairs Passage”
which today are preserved 175 steps; “Church Hill” – one of the oldest
in Romania, mentioned in documents in 1345; “Church of the Dominican
Monastery” – documentary mentioned in 1298; “Leper Church” – Gothic
church which served as shelter lepers in centuries followed the
fifteenth century .

Busteni city, where to visit “Heroes Monument” on Mount Caraiman,
located 45 minutes from the cottage “Old Women”, at an altitude of 2284
meters. The cross is made of metallic elements with a total height of 48
m; “Cantacuzino Castle”, located in Zamora neighborhood, built by
George Grigore Cantacuzino, said “Nabob” because of its impressive
wealth; “Caraiman Monastery”, located in Palanca glade, in a particular
landscape setting.

“Hunting Museum Posada” houses many collections awarded at national
and international exhibitions, world record hunting trophies, animal
naturalized, an important collection of weapons and a lounge with
decorative art.

There is a convenient public transit, with two line buses: 100 and 20,you can get from Brasov city center!

Spend your free time riding, climbing, paragliding, doing off-road in the forests of Poiana Brasov!

If you like hiking in the fresh air, if you like to visit the caves,
ancient churches, historical monuments or if you want to discover new
places, full of beauty and history, means that my apartment would suit
you perfectly.

It is also available all year long, including the time when you can ski or skateting on the olympic icering!

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