7 reasons to visit Goerlitz

Goerlitz, Germany is one of the most historic cities in Europe. Only one bridge walk away from Poland, represents two different cultures in the same city. Once a small Sorbian village named Gorelic, today´s Goerlitz is a beautiful city to relax and walk through where you can inhale a vibe that has continued to survive its many changes and promises tourists the best educational break in between trips to Prague, Berlin, Vienna and many other European cities which tourists never seem to miss. One thing you will notice in Goerlitz is that the prices are fairly low and you will experience something different when old buildings, a beautiful scenery and well-known monuments provide you with what you may have been missing on your Europe trip so far.

The historical buildings offer a beautiful view in Goerlitz
The historical buildings offer a beautiful view in Goerlitz

The architecture of the buildings gives you a perfect mix of the stages the city has undergone throughout the ages. Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Historicist and Art Nouveau merge perfectly in a place where it would be hard to guess the country you are in if it wasn´t for the German street signs.

Landeskron Mountain, Goerlitz
Landeskrone Mountain, Goerlitz

The surrounding mountain region with its famous Landeskrone makes for an excellent day trip through the
forest to receive nature´s energy to continue your trip to the bigger cities. Hiking, jogging, biking and all-day-picnics will add to you breathing in the fresh air of the unpolluted city before re-entering the world of traffic.

The Grand Budapest Hotel movie is filmed in Goerlitz
The Grand Budapest Hotel movie is filmed in Goerlitz

Due to the historical parts of the city, as many movie-makers have used the various sites as background. Quentin Tarantino shot the movie-in-a-movie Stolz der Nation (Pride of the Nation) for Inglourious Basterds (which incidentally purports to be Sicily) on the Untermarkt and Obermarkt in Görlitz’ oldest parts of the city. Other films shot in Görlitz include the 2013 war drama The Book Thief and the teen years in The Reader.

Görlitz was also used as the primary shooting location for the Wes Anderson film The Grand Budapest Hotel, with Görlitz standing in for a resort in the fictional Eastern European country of Zubrowka. A disused department store in the city was redecorated to serve as the hotel itself.

hostel goerlitz pub crawl
Tourists in Görlitz having a good time with EOL777 Hostel’s personal pub crawl

So what are you waiting for? Take a couple days off from the big cities and regenerate your enthusiasm by being in a place where so many have gathered to make things happen. Finally, we are waiting for you at EOL 777 Hostel Goerlitz, to ensure that you will have a fun few days!

Not only will we make your stay in Goerlitz amazing, but we will ensure that you will be guided to continue your European vacation creating you memories that will last for a lifetime. We know Germany, we know Europe and we have seen the world. So anything you need to know, you can come to us!

Your EOL 777 Hostel team!

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